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I absolutely adore the outlining of the picture, as well as how nicely the colors go with one another. The dress also reminds me of a s...

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I will make a special custom for you! Just send me the following template:
Color pallet-
Anything specific you'd like to be on your custom-

I will have them done as soon as I can!
Traditional Art
I draw what you want me to draw with just a pencil and paper, as well as pen and colors!
MLP Base Commision
I use an MLP base for the picture.
Just send me a reference pic of your oc! 
Human Base Commision
I use a human/chibi base for the picture.
Just send me a reference pic of your oc!


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Aiden (Now in Color!!)

A Monster Baseby TFAfangirl14

Credit for base goes to :icontfafangirl14:

FINALLY DREW AIDEN IN COLOR!!! I've been doing traditional art of this boy for God knows how long, so it feels nice doing digital art of him finally. Asuna (Smile 1) [V1] Luffy Anime Emoji (Big grin) [V3] 

I apologize for using bases for my (sort of) references, but I'm still trying to work well with MS Paint and trying to develop my certain style on there. Hopefully I can improve, maybe when I get a tablet/other programs like Paint Tool SAI.

Here's his long awaited bio~

Name: Aiden Libidine
Age: ???
Species: Incubus
Occupation: Energy Supplier
Sex: Male
S.O: Bisexual
Relationship status: Taken by Cohen (belongs to :iconkikioi:)
Personality: Calm, flirty, gets possessive quite easily, very caring
Likes: Sex (obviously), wine, horror movies, his beloved, teasing, flying about
Dislikes: Weird fetishes, being submissive, rape, starting or being in fights, walking a lot, getting sunburn, Illumino (Cohen's brother)
Backstory: Aiden was an incubus, with his job to provide sexual energy to his race. However, he was different from any other incubi: he prefered men over women, after his first impression of women were that they were nothing more than moody snakes who only cared for drama. This sort of thing was considered taboo to their race, for they were supposed to get energy from females, so when Aiden came out of the closet, his leader had banished him to Earth, where he could gain redemption by gaining energy. He would've gotten to do so, but then he had met Cohen, a demon who was nowadays chained by his own brother, Illumino (I think he's also mute, too??). He wasn't sure when they had hit it off, or if it was love at first sight, but the two fell in love with each other and got in a relationship. They were perfect for each other, enjoying their interests and each others' company; and since Cohen had as high of a libido as Aiden did, that was another huge plus, for he could supply as much energy as possible, masquerading it as female's energy.

This took me quite a while to piece together. If there's anything I should fix, let me know. I'm always open for constructive criticism. :3
Sexy Cuties
Drew Aiden and Amy together in a little doodle
I can imagine these two together, talking about stuff and Amy ends up getting a thing with him, like a crush, but she can't have him cuz he's gay for Cohen (belongs to :iconkikioi:)

Amy belongs to :iconb3llatores:
Aiden belongs to me

:3 <3
Sexy IncuBAE
Kind of a redraw from when I drew Aiden for the first time :T

I think my art style has changed a lot these past few monthes, and it makes me happy to see the progress

I might do a full bio on him soon hopefully. Might not this week, but I'll do it soon
So my sister just heard that a couple of her friends had killed themselves. One man, who had helped my sister out and was very kind to her, had died, I believe, and another friend she had when we changed schools at the time, she had shot herself, too.

My sister is very distraught at the news and it would probably mean the world for us if you gave us support. :(


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This may sound a bit weird, but could you tell me how tall you are?
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I'm 5'0 tall.
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Oh, Okay. I was just curious, don't worry 030.
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Its alright. I already mentioned it in a few journals.
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I still have, like, a s**t ton of adoptables left, so if anyone wants them, get them, please! I need them off my hands!
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Thanks for the WATCH ^^
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Hello! I noticed that you like MLP, and one of my friends, who is an amazing artist, is struggling to get noticed! Here's an example of her awesome art:

~In Your Wildest Dreams~ by Raindrop-Of-The-Moon  

Please go check out her art! It's absolutely amazing and she's a really nice person! QvQ
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